Smart ways to plan Christmas Vacations on a tight budget

It’s October already and many families are wondering how on earth they will manage to get a short escape at Christmas. As the cost of living is soaring it seems almost impossible to spend some quality time with your family at Christmas. Here is the good news! Below you will find smart tips to have a relaxing Christmas break without breaking the bank.

1.      Start planning NOW!
The earliest you start the best chances you have to find attractive deals on tickets, car rentals, hotels etc. At your monthly budget add a section that says Christmas Vacation. Cut a little bit from other expenses to add up to this particular one. DO NOT plan and pay with your Credit Card! You are going to regret instantly after you come back!

2.      Pick up a Popular Summer Vacation Area to Save Big!
There are places like Greek Islands, Spain, Mexico etc which are crowded at Summer and dead during the winter season. These spots are ideal for very lucrative bargains on the fraction of the cost.

3.      Pick up a Cash Back Deal
There are many companies these days not necessarily from the Travel Industry only, which are rewarding their clients with cash back if they book their vacations with them. Isn't that wonderful?

4.      Find all the Direct Deals at the area you are visiting
There are a lot of websites beyond Groupon, where you can find attractive deals for dinning out and entertainment in the place you are visiting.

5.      Involve all the family members
If you have kids in a proper age you can have a family fun meeting sharing with them your plans about Christmas. Engage each one of them how they can contribute to the budget to make this happen. Children are amazing to find ways to zap money…They will help the neighbor with their gardening, they wash cars, they do whatever it takes to achieve this family dream. This has 2 major benefits. You are teaching your children to plan early in order to get the satisfaction later, and also you are strengthening the bonds with them. Imagine how would look like when all your family members are feeling that they had played a part to make it happen.

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