Smart ways to plan Christmas Vacations on a tight budget

It’s October already and many families are wondering how on earth they will manage to get a short escape at Christmas. As the cost of living is soaring it seems almost impossible to spend some quality time with your family at Christmas. Here is the good news! Below you will find smart tips to have a relaxing Christmas break without breaking the bank.

1.      Start planning NOW!
The earliest you start the best chances you have to find attractive deals on tickets, car rentals, hotels etc. At your monthly budget add a section that says Christmas Vacation. Cut a little bit from other expenses to add up to this particular one. DO NOT plan and pay with your Credit Card! You are going to regret instantly after you come back!


How Social Media are influencing Travel Industry

The Mobile Applications Industry is the biggest Industry in the World right now and in combination with Social Media are going to change the way we thinking and purchase.
2 Billion downloads every month is a huge number for someone who is a serious Entrepreneur to ignore. It's even bigger to Facebook expansion as it's estimated that this industry is going to go wild with 2 billion mobile apps downloads every week. This developments are sad news for the Travel & Tourism Industry and those who are still operating with the good old fashion way.
In order to get an idea how Social Media are influencing Travel & Tourism Industry have a look to the following INFOGRAPHIC created by MDG advertising.
I believe that we are living in exciting times in human history. People are connected and they are socializing through Social Media. Now you can build relationships all around the world. This is the power of Social Communication.
For consumers this is the best development could possibly imagine as now they have the opportunity to travel more....without breaking the bank.
For the Travel Agents these news are an awakening call that they have to adopt a full Social Media Professional Strategy if they want to remain in the Market Place.


The benefits of Mini Vacations

There is no doubt that we are living in challenging financial times.  Trying to coop with your bills every month can exhaust you emotionally and physically.
These days to take a month vacation for the most of us looks like a wonderful dream that is very hard to come true. Breathe in because the answer is regular on budget mini breaks.
According to Medical Daily it’s very important for your health and wellbeing to take regular vacations.  Many of you may say that you can't afford it! Let me explain…You can't afford NOT to do it as the money you are saving…you are going to spend it later for medical treatments.

The cause of the most health problems is stress and exhaustion which we are tend to put ourselves into on a daily basis. So if you are still sceptical have a look below what a vacation break can do for you. 


After Holidays Depression

The worst part of the holidays is when you coming back to the “reality” and a lot of people are deeply depressed about that. In your mind are storing up all the “Things to do”  and you finding hard to deal with that. You have to realize you are not alone. In this article I will give you a couple of tips that will help you to preserve your positive feelings and keep your energy levels high as you are getting back to your everyday routine.

1.) Return to your daily routine slowly

Jumping right back into the fast paced hubbub of society may be to much to handle at first.  Pad in a few extra days off work upon returning to allow a gradual return to your routine. 

2.) Share your adventure
You may be bursting with stories from your journey, or you may have flashes of brilliant thoughts from your adventure. Keeping these to yourself may cause frustration and feelings that no one understands what you’ve just experienced. Share your adventure.  Invite your family and friends over for a slide show, contact your local newspaper, give talks to schools and civic groups.  Many folks would love to hear of your adventure and sharing it allows you to relive the experience.    

3.) Eat sensibly 
If your adventure involved rigorous exercise, you are no longer burning 5,000 calories a day, taking daily jogs along the beach, or ascending mountain summits. Model your food portions after your civilized "real world" peers. 

4.) Turn your vacation thoughts into action
All that thinking time may have allowed you to solve some of your personal dilemmas, or perhaps you thought of a new business idea, or a new path you’d like your life to take. It may feel defeating to let those thoughts drift away.  Make a list of all the profound thoughts and ideas you had on vacation and select the ones you can implement.  

5.) Have a vacation escape
When the hustle and bustle becomes overwhelming, slip in that nature CD, post a picture from your trip as a screen saver; take a brief stroll in the nearby park. Let your mind drift off to that peaceful place on the trail, beach, or mountain vista. 

6.) Plan your next adventure
Dwelling on the great adventure having ended can bring you down.  Focus on your next great adventure.  Give yourself something to look forward to! This will lift up your energy levels!Planning your next escape?


Getting Married in the Island of Aphrodite

What would be better than starting your new life as a couple in the island of Goddess Aphrodite? This is the island of Cyprus well known for its beauty in Europe but not so famous overseas. The tradition says that in Paphos Aphrodite was born rising up from the Sea, and with her soul mate Adonis were living here.Honeymoon offers free quotes
Cyprus offers astonishing places to host your wedding ceremony and a variety of themes to choose from. You can pick up for example a great family meal in a Traditional Tavern with all these delicious Cyprus dishes, or a luxury day on a yacht, or on a five start hotel.Wedding receptions
The weather is smooth and sunny almost 300 days per year. So you will really enjoy it. You can find also a variety of wedding packages to choose from that matching perfectly to your budget. You your family and close friends will remember your wedding for years to come.
People are warm and friendly, you will feel like home. When you come to Cyprus you will adore the place, the locals, the culture and the history and for sure you will come back!